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The recording of 'Don't Think of Me' on this page is by Webster-Fergusson, a duo that I am half of (the Webster half to be precise).  The song itself is an original one of mine that looks back somewhat whimsically at the past.

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G      Am7              C             D

Hello         my old friend,

G                     Bm                   Am7                 D
I thought I'd call, it's been a lot of years.

G             Am7                          C             D
I got the Christmas card you sent.

G                                   Bm              Am7   D                   G         Bm        Am7  D
Made me think of the old days,                      and they felt so near.



D    C          G                 Am7       G                    C           D

But if your feet should lead you to the Wellington hotel,

               C          G                 Am7  G          Am7  C        G
You can tell the old crowd                   that I am doing well.


Copyright © Peter Webster 2008


Hello my old friend,
I thought I'd call, it's been a lot of years.
I got the Christmas card you sent.
Made me think of the old days, and they felt so near.

We grew up together, you and me,
In a small town, nestling by the sea.
I've not been back these last ten years,
But the truth is the best part of me never left the old west pier.

So you're plotting a return,
To the old haunts, though the dates aren't firm.
Well I'll be staying where I am,
With the concrete cows and roundabouts and motorways and babies' prams.

But if your feet should lead you to the Wellington hotel,
You can tell the old crowd that I am doing well.

Have you heard from Kerri-Lee?
You know she always meant a lot to me.
Has she stayed pretty all this while?
And do her eyes still sparkle when she cracks a smile?

She's got two kids and a divorce?
You're going to see her – well okay, of course.
She was never mine to hold;
Since we were never hot, now we can't grow cold.

But when you stand beside her door and ring upon her bell,
Could you tell her from me, I hope she's doing well?

Tell her that I'm happy here and this is where I'll pass my years;
I'm married with two children of my own now.
But there's still a part of me that's pining for the Sussex sea,
The chalk cliffs, the downs, the harbour and the sea breeze;

And though that part is buried deep and mostly it stays fast asleep,
Sometimes I daydream about the old days.
We're laughing with a beer in hand or off to see a trendy band
When across the bar I glimpse her eyes still sparkling.

And if by chance you should hold her hand and look out upon the sea,
Whatever you think of, please don't think of me.


Copyright © Peter Webster 2008

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